Maison Commonwealth

Maison Commonwealth offers 5 impeccably-designed Luxury Residences. Remaining true to the rich heritage of Back Bay's grandeur and preserved historical elegances, while carefully creating sophisticated modern design, The design of each residences artfully combines old world artisanship of hand-carved Italian marble mantels, cast plaster crown moldings, custom corner cartouches, and custom iron heating vents including 5 inch French oak chevron flooring, custom Italian kitchen cabinetry, state of the art kitchen appliances, floor-to-ceiling imported Carrara marble master bathrooms and custom built-in Italian closets. Completion end of 2021.

The Maison Brand represents a European love affair with Boston.

A Maison property inspires us to look into our past while envisioning our future; to create a dialogue of beauty that preserves tradition and defines modernity. A dialogue that expresses one’s individuality through a layered display of elegances. Maison Commonwealth simultaneously embodies the essence of Back Bay in its grandeur of yesterday while intimately tied to the modernity of today and tomorrow. 

Made up of only five residences, Maison Commonwealth is a true boutique development with individual attention to our clients, offering customization options for early purchasers. We strive to offer completed residences as a developer that rival those of finished custom homes, with a design that is carefully crafted by professionals yet allows for the most important owner personalizations.  A Maison Floorplan is intended to emphasize elegance, grand contiguous receiving areas, generous master suite living and overall functionality. They are the result of a multi-layered exhaustive process by principals at Chevron Partners to review the small details of life in connection with complicated architectural and engineering requirements to create exceptionally functional and refined living spaces

Maison Commonwealth's design is intended to create an impression of honored and preserved historical elegances carefully layered with modern design that is so uniquely appropriate to Boston and the hallmark of the Maison Brand. Maison Commonwealth combines the timeless elegance of Boston with the forefront of modern design and convenience. From the world’s foremost city combining eternal beauty with modern design, the Parisian-Bostonian team strived to create a quintessentially Bostonian balance of American modernity that respects its European roots.

Quality and authenticity of materials and craftsmanship are passions of Chevron Partners and central elements of the Maison Brand. Adige Design was formed by Chevron Partners to serve as the exclusive sourcing partner for Maison Developments. From the mines and workshops of Italy and France, Adige has unrivaled local knowledge to uncover those special artisans with centuries of craft knowledge in their culture as well as to directly discover the truth of the products that they represent.

The urban renaissance of Boston is full steam ahead – jaw dropping glass towers, bustling new retail developments attracting the world’s top brands, trendy restaurants from the world’s top chefs. As cities grow and change over the years, certain areas remain constantly beautiful and become ever more charming and cherished. Rare is the city and neighborhood that displays such elegant contrast of architectural protectionism so close to modern development, providing this neighborhood and its residents with both the comfort of unchanging beauty and excitement of progressive urbanism.