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December 8, 2023
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An authentic urban gem, Back Bay in Boston is a quintessential neighborhood, boasting a rich blend of historical charm and modern allure. Wander through picturesque streets adorned with brownstones and immerse yourself in the architectural splendor that defines this iconic area. Beyond Back Bay’s vibrant boutiques and upscale shops along Newbury Street and the lush greenery of the Public Garden, Boston offers a myriad of experiences for all. Explore the cultural treasures of renowned institutions like the Boston Public Library or the Museum of Fine Art, or relish culinary delights at diverse eateries.

Things to do in Boston

Explore the SoWa Open Market

The SoWa Open Market is a vibrant gathering place where locals and tourists alike can explore the arts, enjoy delicious food, and shop unique artisanal goods. From antiques to handcrafted jewelry, there's something for everyone at this well-loved marketplace.

Grab a ticket to MGM Music Hall at Fenway's latest concert

Get up-close-and-personal with the nation's most respected and famous musicians and bands inside MGM Music Hall at Frenway's 91,000-plus square-foot multi-level venue.

Partake in immersive experiences at GoPixelYourself

For an entirely different kind of fun, step into the world of GoPixelYourself. This immersive art exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to experience art in a whole new way, encouraging interactive participation and fun.

Watch professional athletes compete at the Head of Charles Regatta

Every October, sports fanatics rub elbows at the Head of Charles Regatta, a long-awaited event featuring three days of thrilling rowing competitions. This event is a major draw, attracting close to half a million visitors.

Discover fresh produce at the Copley Square Farmers Market

The Copley Square Farmers Market is a must-visit destination for foodies. Stroll through stalls bursting with fresh, locally-sourced produce, handmade goods, and gourmet delicacies while supporting the area's local artisans, farmers, and producers.

Unique sightseeing with Boston Duck Tours

See the city from a new perspective with Boston Duck Tours. This popular tour offers a unique way to explore Boston's history and major attractions, both by land and water. On the tour, customers will get an insider's look at Boston's premier neighborhoods, intricate architecture, and world-famous entertainment, retail, and culinary venues.

Visit the Skinny House

For a quirky architectural experience, visit the Skinny House. This residential wonder, known for its narrow structure, is a delightful spectacle for architecture and history enthusiasts.

View first-class professional racing at the ARCADE

Opening early 2024! Formula 1 fanatics visit the ARCADE, Boston's most popular space for racing and state-of-the-art entertainment, perfect for the whole family. From 60 immersive racing simulators and to curated cocktails and delectable bites, the ARCADE brings cutting-edge technology to classic racing.

Shop and dine on Newbury Street

Considered one of the premier shopping boulevards in New England, Newbury Street offers an array of high-end boutiques, salons, and restaurants. Enjoy classic brownstone architecture as you walk along this famous street. From al fresco dining and picture-perfect churches steeped in history and jaw-dropping designs to fashion-forward namesakes like Vince and community-wide events like markets, Newbury Street is the epitome of high-class living and memorable experiences in Boston's Back Bay.

Top-rated parks

Those seeking a quiet, nature-filled respite from everyday life can easily find solace in the parks in and around Back Bay. Some of the area's most beloved parks and recreational spaces include:

  • Boston Public Garden: Famous for its swan boats, the Boston Public Garden is an oasis located in the heart of the city. The park features lovely gardens, monuments, and a beautiful lagoon.

  • Boston Common: As the oldest city park in the United States, Boston Common is a must-visit. It's a central hub for recreation, events, and historical landmarks from the American Revolution. Residents particularly love the park's astonishing artistic displays, fountains, and statues.

  • Copley Square: This bustling city square, set in the heart of Back Bay, boasts stunning architecture, including the historic Trinity Church and Boston Public Library.

  • James P Kelleher Rose Garden: Nestled in the Fenway area, this secluded garden is known for its stunning rose blooms and beautiful pathways.

  • Clarendon Street Playground: A popular spot for families, this fenced-in playground is a well-loved part of the local community.

  • Esplanade Playspace: A delightful playground located along the Charles River, offering families a great spot for outdoor fun and recreation.

  • James Hayes Park: This small but beautifully maintained park offers a peaceful space for rest and relaxation in the city and features vibrant floral displays and a small playground.

  • Titus Sparrow Park: This lush park is an ideal spot for outdoor activities, picnics, and local events. Its beauty is amplified by its well-kept green fields, tree-lined pathways, and charming surroundings.

  • Cambridge Center Roof Garden: Located atop a parking garage in Kendall Square, this unexpected urban oasis provides a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the city skyline.

Must-try restaurants

Modern fusion and classic flavors combine to create an authentically fresh and unique dining scene in and around Boston's Back Bay. Residents have a smorgasbord of both traditional and modern dishes at their fingertips. Foodies flock to the area's most trafficked and well-loved bistros and cafes, which include:

  • Saltie Girl: This unique restaurant offers an extensive menu of seafood, paying homage to classic New England traditions. Patrons can expect a full-service raw bar and favorites such as lobster rolls and moules frites.

  • Krasi: Krasi is known for its Greek cuisine with a twist and has a vast selection of wines. The menu includes top-rated dishes like portokalopita and giouvetsi as well as homemade tzatziki sauce.

  • Buttermilk & Bourbon: This Southern-inspired restaurant offers a unique menu and chic atmosphere, perfect for classy brunches, laidback dinners, or special celebrations. This highly rated establishment boasts refined decor, from intricately-designed ceilings and brightly-lit seating to stunning chandeliers and extravagant fireplaces — all of which perfectly complement the menu's tried-and-true favorites, which include fried beignets, honey-drizzled biscuits made from scratch, and homemade mac and cheese.

  • Piattini: Piattini serves up Italian cuisine with an emphasis on small plates in a cozy atmosphere, ideal for gatherings and special occasions.

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