What Homeowners Want in Their Kitchen Remodels This Year

June 23, 2022
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Despite what many design experts may say is no longer in style when you may be watching a renovation show on TV, some people are still doing certain things in their kitchen remodels that are tried and true. Everyone of course wants to do what is in style, but then there still comes personal preference and budget into play. Here is what homeowners still love to have in a kitchen regardless of whether it is in vogue or not.

Granite and Butcher Block Counters

More trendy materials such as quartz or even concrete countertops may be the rage, but granite still makes the top 10 list of desirable features among builders. It has been extremely popular since the 90s when it replaced Formica. The same goes for butcher block as well with its warm and inviting tone even if just used for an island counter.

White Kitchens

Many colors are emerging as being very popular this year and often different shades of green. However, white continues to be a popular and safe choice for many where it looks clean, and organized and provides a neutral or blank canvas for adding colorful decor.

Gray Tones

For those who don’t want to do white, gray tones are still running strong for remodels. It is a practical color that hides dirt, adds some interest more than white, and can look chic.

Open Kitchens

Despite a quick questioning of whether separate kitchens may be best during so much time being spent at home for the pandemic, open kitchens are still very popular. Being able to easily entertain, cook and remain engaged with others is much easier with this open concept rather than being stuck in a separate room.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Despite pros recommending matte appliances as the new trend, stainless still remains a timeless and popular choice. Some design experts share that even black can be a strong runner-up to stainless for standing the test of time.

Tile Backsplash

Some trendy backsplashes have come about such as wood, chalkboard paint, or integrated stone that melds with countertops. However, tile backsplashes still remain a popular choice over glass, brick, or stone.