Organize Your Kitchen With These 9 Tips

June 8, 2023
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The kitchen is the heart of the home for most everyone. It is where meals are prepared and eaten, where family and friends gather and sometimes additional time is spent for various tasks at the counter or table. With so much time being spent here, some good organization is key for it to be the well oiled machine that you need it to be. Here are some really great tips on how to make yours fully functional for all of your needs.
Flatware Organizer
Whenever possible, having a flatware drawer organizer that is built in verses purchased later is always best. The reason being is they will be sure to fit properly. Second to that would be one you find at a store that fits in so that all utensils are easy to find and neatly stowed away.
Kitchen Utensil Drawer
Similar to your everyday flatware, keep those miscellaneous kitchen tools organized too. Spatulas, ladles, spoons, whisks and the like should have their home neatly in the drawer for easy access and to keep things from getting messy. 
Pot Lids
Pot lids are always awkward to store in your cabinets. Aside from fitting well on the pots, they don’t stack too easily. Consider one dedicated drawer for all of them so pots can be stacked for saving on storage space. All you need is a shallow drawer for these.
Vertical Storage Cabinet
These are fantastic solutions for your bakeware. Narrow cupboards that have a few dividers can be great for your cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks and your cutting boards. 
Docking Drawer
Nowadays we all have so many devices that need a home when not in use. You may consider a docking drawer for cell phones, laptops and tablets. Complete your storage space with a plug for charging.
Tall Cleaning Tool Cabinet
Do you have an end cabinet that is taller? If not, you might want one. This can be a perfect space for easy access to brooms, mops and dusters. Have a shelf at the top for associated cleaning products or trash bags as well. 
Spice Drawer
On the same idea as a narrow cabinet, consider a spice drawer that is also narrow but pulls out with easy access to spices from either side. Being able to read labels for all is key with this system. 
Under Sink Pull Out Storage
Most of us store cleaning items under the sink that can get lost in an abyss of products. Stop having to bend down and awkwardly search for what you need, get a rollout drawer so you can have the well organized products come to you.

Food Storage
Having a large cabinet that has rollout drawers is very helpful for us that don’t have walk-in pantries. This helps keep all food organized and easily accessible. Things tend to get lost in the back less frequently where you can avoid having food go bad.