Does Flooring Matter When Selling a Home

September 25, 2023
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Most of us know that there are many things to consider when selling your home. Getting your home decluttered, cleaned and all things in good working order. Oftentimes painting and staging are suggested as you get prepared, but when you look around the house ask yourself, how are your floors? Let’s take a look at how much they matter for a home sale.

How important are the floors?
Flooring can set a tone for sure in your home. Buyers will want to see that your home is well maintained and clean. If your floors are in bad shape, it may signal buyers to feel there may be other things that are neglected. So which rooms are most important? The ones in your common areas including entryways and primary living rooms. These rank higher of importance than say bedrooms, bathrooms or utility rooms. 

Should carpeted floors be replaced before selling?
While it is true that materials like hardwood floors are more popular than carpet it doesn’t mean carpet is a deal breaker. However, carpets should definitely be in good condition when you are selling. Touring a property with stained or worn carpets is certainly a turn off for most. 

What are the best floor choices?
Hardwood floors are still a top choice to capture a buyer’s interest. They are a solid flooring option that can be stained and refinished to be fresh and neutral to align with any buyer’s taste. If your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing it can be a great option in making your home most attractive to buyers. 

Which floors hurt sales?
Any floors that are significantly worn whether wood or carpet will negatively affect your home’s image. Having too many different kinds of floors as well as bold patterns or DIY projects can also make a home look pieced together in a non professional and taste specific way. 

Which floors are affordable and good for home sales?
While hardwoods typically win there are still other options that can be less expensive yet still attractive options. Laminate floors have really come a long way these days and are touted for their extreme durability. Many options can look just like hardwoods only they can be cheaper. Both Pergo and vinyl flooring options are also cost effective and durable. Finally, even though it is less popular a fresh, new and neutral carpet is still better than old and worn flooring.