5 Pointers For Your Next Renovation

January 26, 2023
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If you're considering doing a renovation but need to know where to start, the first step is determining what exactly needs to be fixed. This can be challenging when you need to become an expert but before you call in an expensive contractor, take a realistic look at your situation and the pros and cons of your options. Here are some tips on how to go about the project.

Define needs

It is easy to get excited about the remodeling job that you really want, but be sure to see what else may need fixing first. This means make sure you fix that leaky roof or repair/replace that appliance that is on its last leg. Find out how much this will cost you first before blowing your budget on the renovation.


Before getting started on the remodel, figure out how you will live in the home down the road. Will your furniture fit into the new design? Will you need to replace your decor for it to flow? It can be helpful to sketch things out so that you will have an idea of what you can and cannot keep. This will help minimize future changes and also help adhere to a budget.


The best way to see what estimates are fair and reasonable is to solicit at least three of them. See who friends and neighbors in the area have used and can recommend and go from there.

Compare bids

When comparing each bid make sure you see all materials included so you can fairly measure each one among the others. Also, check to see their portfolio and references from other customers if they are not referred to you by someone who used them.

Important details

Everything typically will come down to money and your budget so decisions will have to be made. You may need to choose from a contractor who is less expensive but may take longer over a pricier one with a shorter estimate of completion time. Additionally, you will need to make some choices on materials that you use as well. Give some thought on what is most important to you and back into it that way. Perhaps your counter materials rank higher than a backsplash or fancy sink.