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Public Organizations

Below are a list of Boston, MA’s public organizations. Learn more about the Boston neighborhood you want to relocate to by calling or visiting the association’s site. Contact Beth for any questions you make have or for information.

Back Bay Neighborhood Association
(617) 266-1991 or www.NABBOnline.com

Bay Village Neighborhood Association
(617) 542-2862 or www.BayVillage.net

Beacon Hill Civic Association
(617) 227-1922 or www.BHCivic.org

Ellis South End Neighborhood Association
(617) 262-6161 or www.EllisNeighborhood.com

St. Botolph Neighborhood Association
(617) 437-6782

Neighborhood Services
(617) 635-3485 or www.NewburyStreetLeague.org

Boston City Hall
(617) 635-4000 or www.CityOfBoston.gov

Boston Redevelopment Authority
(617) 722-4300 or www.BostonRedevelopmentAuthority.org

Boston Public Library
(617) 536-5400 or www.BPL.org

Boston Public School Department
(617) 635-9000 or www.BostonPublicSchools.org

Hill House Children’s Community Center
(617) 227-5838 or www.HillHouseBoston.org

MBTA Info Hotline
(617) 222-3200 or www.MBTA.com

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